3642 DFL MultiG

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Introducing the 3642 DFL MultiG™, FSI’s latest advancement in high “G” force, high volume linear motion shakers utilizing High “G” technology. FSI has designed this unit to achieve optimum performance. Even in the most challenging applications, the 3642 DFL MultiG™ achieves consistently high throughput. Processing rates vary with slurry content, percent solids and viscosity.

* Large capacity, up to 3 times the capacity of the standard machine
* High efficiency, better silica separation, lower circulating load
* Variable G-Forces: 10 – 50 G’s
* Multi-Frequency [30 Hz up to 1000 Hz] * No screen blinding
* Linear motion
* Less operation and maintenance cost
* Small footprint
* No lubrication
* Low noise (less than 80 dB), low power

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