Fluid Systems, Inc.
The mineral industry has to operate under constraints such as higher energy costs, general decrease in ore grade combined with increased complexity of mineralogy, environmental restrictions and increased capital costs. These and other economic factors have pressed this industry to seek for more efficient and highly productive systems of processing minerals. Keeping these facts on mind, Fluid Systems, Inc. (FSI) has developed mineral processing projects in the USA and in many other countries around the world designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art solid/liquid and liquid/liquid separation equipment for every application.

Almost two decades ago FSI introduced a new technology in fine screening applications: linear vibration. This new vibration has increased the efficiency of the vibrating screens and closed grinding mill circuits, providing an optimum amount of recirculation by reducing the amount of fine material in the circulating load.


Gold, platinum, coal, clay, phosphorus, iron, sand, clay, and quartz mining companies have found FSI linear vibration screens to be effective in processing their products.

FSI applications include safety screens, sizing, dewatering, desliming, rinsing, washing, trash screens, fines recovery systems and dry/wet screening.

FSI specializes in the design and manufacturing of centrifugal and screening equipment for the mineral processing industry. Solid/liquid separation from ½” to 400 mesh (12.7 mm to 38 microns), and liquid/liquid separation are the main core of our projects.

FSI provides specially engineered products to many of the mining applications in the United States and overseas.

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