Fluid Systems, Inc.
Fluid Systems, Inc. (FSI) also provides separation technology to the process industry. Food, chemical, metals, pulp & paper, salt, glass, powder, ceramics and other plants around the world require different processing equipment.

FSI develops systematically feasible processes or modifies existing ones that convert the available raw materials into a desired product which meets the following performance criteria:

- Minimum cost at maximum performance

- Energy efficiency

- Good operability with respect to flexibility, controllability, reliability, safety and environmental regulations


FSI provides solutions for your process systems, solid/liquid separations, liquid/liquid separations, complex and non-ideal separations, process synthesis and design and the optimal location/allocation problems in exploration processes.

FSI offers added value to customer with computer simulation, pilot scale test work, bench scale test work, plant audits and test laboratories.

FSI provides hi-tech equipment to many process industry customers and is working with new applications to improve product quality and output.

Industrial Products